What is the Green Business Events logo?

The Green Business Events logo certifies that a business event respects certain criteria of eco-friendliness and inclusivity. The logo is assigned by the General Directorate for Tourism of the Ministry of the Economy.

The aim of the logo is to reduce the ecological footprint of business events organised in Luxembourg and promote and enhance eco-friendly events.

In order to support event organisers in their move toward responsibility, advisors from Oekozenter Pafendall offer individualised support.

Which events are eligible?

Every type of event from the business events sector (conferences, congresses, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, and corporate and incentive events) is eligible for a Green Business Events logo, no matter who is the organiser of the candidate event (association, company, or another body).

What are the criteria of the logo?

The criteria that must be met in order to obtain the logo are listed in the Green Business Events checklist. To get the Green Business Events logo, the candidate event must fulfil all the obligatory criteria as well as 50% of the optional criteria applicable to the event.

The checklist covers the following themes:

Developing the criteria

The criteria for the logo were put together in collaboration with professionals from the sector through interviews and workshops. The criteria were then tested in several pilot events in order to make sure they are aligned with the day-to-day realities, needs, and goals of the sector.

How to get the logo?

1. Get in touch with the Oekozenter Pafendall ASBL
Get in touch with the Oekozenter Pafendall ASBL
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2. Support from Oekozenter Pafendall
The organiser is then able to take advantage of individualised support from the advisors of the Oekozenter Pafendall ASBL who assist in the effort to be awarded the logo.
3. Evaluation of the checklist
The organiser sends the completed checklist as well as supporting documents to the advisors who evaluate the checklist.
4. Assignment of the logo
If the event meets all the conditions, the organiser will receive the logo in a digital form and will be able use it on all communication material before and during the event.
The General Directorate for Tourism reserves the right for the Oekozenter Pafendall to attend the event to verify that the criteria have been respected.
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