MOMENTUM 2022 : Know, Form, Act


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Deloitte Luxembourg launched its annual event on sustainability, the 2022 Momentum Conference, on 21 June.

This inclusive event unites speakers from different generations and covers the impact of various sustainability challenges in our daily lives, society and economy, as well as across the financial, consumer and manufacturing sectors.

The conference, which gathers experts from across a variety of sectors, shares comprehensive insights and solutions for the biggest challenge of our time. Selected as one of the pilot projects within the framework of the Green Business Events Initiative by the Ministry of Economy – General Directorate for Tourism, Momentum has successfully contributed to the implementation of the Green Business Event label thanks to measures taken to reduce waste and save natural resources. For the inaugural event, a photo exhibition by Phillippe Bourseiller, titled “Nature”, was organized in conjunction with the 2022 Momentum Conference, and asked visitors to reflect on the global phenomenon of climate change.

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