Lex Delles presented the Green Business project

As of the 1st of February 2023, the “Green Business Events” project, aimed at reducing the environmental and social impact footprint of all types of events within the Business Events sector, such as congresses, conferences, exhibitions, or trade shows, was officially presented. This project, which corresponds to the “Green Events” project of the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, enables the development of eco-responsible and inclusive event solutions. Business Events organisers who adhere to specific criteria of eco-responsibility and inclusivity can now have their events certified with the official “Green Business Events” logo, thereby showcasing their sustainability efforts.


The criteria for eco-responsibility and inclusivity to be met were developed in collaboration with industry professionals during dedicated workshops on sustainable events. They were then tested during the following pilot events to ensure they align with the realities, needs, and ambitions of the sector: “Tourism Awards 2021”, “Arch Summit 2022”, “MOMENTUM 2022 : Know, Form, Act” and “Long Live The Summer 2022”. The selected criteria incorporate seven themes: communication, exhibition stands & furniture, mobility, sustainable catering, waste, water & energy, and accessibility and inclusivity.

To obtain the official Green Business Events logo, the organiser must first contact the coordinator of the project, Oekozenter Pafendall. During a preliminary discussion, advisors from the Oekozenter Pafendall will offer personalised support to organisers to assist them in acquiring the logo. This support and personalised advice for event organisers in the context of logo attribution are free of charge and covered by the General Directorate of Tourism. The organiser, whose candidate event has met the mandatory criteria as well as 50% of the applicable optional criteria, will sign a commitment charter and will be awarded the logo in digital format for the respective event. The logo can be used by the organiser on any communication platform as related to the event.

In this context, the minister of Tourism, Lex Delles, elaborated “Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in business events. Organisers as well as attendees are seeking eco-friendly events and are placing greater emphasis on the principle of social responsibility. With the Green Business Events project, we seek to meet these expectations. The General Directorate for Tourism is determined to continue its efforts to promote Sustainability beyond the Green Business Events project. Sustainability will thus be an important component of our new “Business Event Strategy”, which will officially be presented March 2023″.

Isabelle Schummers, environmental advisor with the Oekozenter Pafendall, further indicated “With the official launch of Green Business Events, organisers can now be supported in their approach towards more sustainable and inclusive events. We offer personalized and tailored support regardless of the size and type of event”.

Issued by the General Directorate of Tourism



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